Sunday, January 24, 2010

How I became cool

I didn't seek to be cool. Coolness came to me.

In bullet point form!

- Once upon a time, people used Palm Pilots!
- Nerds like me rejoiced.
- The things you could DO with those things!
- But they were not cool.
- Oh no.
- Functionality was not a measure of coolness.
- Did I stop using mine?
- No way.
- But I started to keep it a secret, at least.
- After many years.

What happened next?

- Steve happened.
- Steve invented the iPod and iPhone.
- And everyone started geekin out about em.
- Functionality is cool now?
- I see people all over the place using them and thinking they're cool.
- Now I can use an iPod touch to do all the stuff I used to do with a Palm Pilot!
- And that's perfectly acceptable!

Did I rise to a new tier of coolness? Or has coolness plummeted to geekiness? Millions of people have become severe nerds and they think it's cool. How did that happen? Nerds.

Just look at the number of hits!
palm pilots are cool
ipod touches are cool

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things that are timely

This world that we live in is outrageously full of timely things. What's timely, you ask? Well, dictionary dot com!

Timely: occurring at a suitable time; seasonable; opportune; well-timed: a timely warning.

No, no, you say, what is an example of a timely thing? Well, I Googled some key phrases to find out what some of the world's most timely things are.

Take a second to think about what YOU think are the world's most timely things.

"that's a very timely"
- question
- inclusion
- article
- scripture reference
- comment

"extremely timely"
- Michael Jackson post
- Parker Griffith commentary
- tracking
- IT governance

"outrageously timely"
- the adoption process

Whoops! Looks like someone put "timely" next to "costly" and assumed that "-ly" means "well it sure takes up a lot of fill in the blank." Ho ho! What an interesting discovery while finding out the world's most timely things.

Oh man. Sorry guys. I'm just breaking the blogging slump. But hey! I moved the compliment and insult generators to the sidebar and I've added lots of words! version 1.1 each!