Saturday, August 30, 2008

five dollars

Did we eat some five buck pizza?

Or did we eat pizza that costs five bucks?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Park City

I went to Park City a couple of weekends ago. I brought my bagpipes. I just barely took the pictures off of my phone. There was a big sale at Linens and Things!

Here's the zipline we went down at the olympic village.

Better pictures were taken, but not by my phone. According to my phone, all I did was check out the sheet sale and look at a zip line. My phone probably thinks I'm boring. And weird. And so do my roommates.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Story about good and story about bad

Today I slept in! :D

Because I had to work late last night. :(

But I did get some Burger King! :D

But they got my order wrong. :(

No they didn't! :D

I didn't really get anything else done yesterday, :(

except make some bucks! :D

at work. :/

Which wasn't so bad. :|

and wasn't really that great either. :/

so at 5 I came home. :|

I was tired. :/

Cannon started moving in! :D

But he doesn't really live here yet. :/

But he will! :D

But he really doesn't yet. :/

Yet! :D

This picture:

This picture!

Mike: Just 3 guys and we're havin' a good time!
Kyle: Look! not touching him!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dear blog

Today at work there was a party for all of the people whose birthday is this month. There was a Beijing olympic theme, and there were fortune cookies out for people to take. I took one and declared its contents to dictate how the rest of my day would go. As I opened the package, the cookie slipped out of my fingers and shattered on the ground, where I saw that it didn't even have a fortune inside it. My day was going to be bad.

At least it didn't somehow burn my fingers or kill my ficus plant or change my name to Boron. Or make me watch crappy sitcoms. Or popular reality shows. And it didn't put me on a flight to a painfully boring city in an amazingly boring country. It also didn't shave my head and build a permanent house of cards on it. It didn't convince me to become a tree-hugger. Or an elephant-hugger or a flan-maker. It didn't sneak up to my office and steal my stuff.

And sell it all for trapezoid cookie cutters.

Or soy nuts.

So how bad was my day really going to be?