Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

the new Google

Apparently is a fancy new search engine looking to give Google a wet willie. Well, if you haven't heard if it, allow me to be the first to tell you that it's complete junk. I searched for accurate and accidental, and I couldn't find my blog anywhere. I even tried my ace in the hole, the word "shizzy", and it came up with absolutely no results. So I tried searching for my name, and of course tons of results came up. I added "-jazz" and again, zero search results. Zero! Heck, I can come up with zero results whenever I want!


Any search engine that can't find me or my blog is obviously not a Google contender.

And it was really hard to use "searched for" instead of "googled" while writing this post. I'm assimilated.

Friday, July 25, 2008

How do I feel?

I went to my MCOM 320 class one day, and the teacher gave everyone a piece of paper that had a big square on it. She said something like "I want you all to express one of your life goals using this piece of paper." Everyone obediently filled the square with words that described their life goals. The teacher then expressed her disappointment that everyone assumed that they were to fill the square with words. She wanted people to write outside the square. Or draw pictures on the back instead of writing. Or fold the paper into something. The lesson was that we shouldn't assume our restrictions and take whatever liberties we can. So I'm going to use means other than paragraphs to express the answer to the question: how does Alan feel?

1. Of all pictures of casserole on the internet, this one best expresses how I feel:

2. Consider the following list of words:

The three that best represent how I feel are sushi, fax, and amid.

3. I feel more like the row of dots than the dashes or ampersands:

a. ...............................
b. -------------------------------
c. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

4. What Marx Brother do I feel most like? Zeppo.

5. Open Microsoft Paint. Double-click on any of the colors. Click "Define Custom Colors." Enter the following values: Red 124, Green 201, Blue 178. That's the color that I feel like.

6. I'll now type a few rows of random letters. The placement of my fingers on the keys while trying to be random will reflect my mood and feelings.

aojaoaoaojaoaj aomaoiajo a aoiaoija oai jaoij aoi nanmaioin aana oaoaaoa
a zeppo aoina oianaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa anoai anoianoa inao ainao ainao aa a aiaiaaa
aiuaoa oajao inao amoamoaimoaiahaihaia a ai jao ao ama iamaio aonam anma a