Thursday, February 26, 2009

And one more

Ok, so if you go out and buy a new car, you might find that the bucket seats are adjustable with automated knobs and switches on the side. If you are tall, and you want to push the seat all the way back, you get to sit there and listen to a faint buzzing sound while your seat slowly thinks about making its way back there. To simulate this sensation, stare at this word while you slowly count to seven:


If you happen to be using a car that isn't equipped with such newfangled seat-adjusting technology, you pull up a lever and the seat flies backward, accompanied by a mighty, satisfying thud. To simulate this sensation, look at this word quickly, then proceed directly to the next sentence:


I submit that the manual/analog device is superior to its automatic/digital counterpart.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post-Valentine's day post?

So last year I went blog-combing and found a solid list of blogs that had Valentine's Day posts. It was a matching game with my list of reactions. I tried it again this year, but only one of the many qualifying blogs was actually made by a person I know. So, instead of browsing a list of links to a bunch of trendy, grammatical-error-based blogs, um, go check out Whitney's blog.

In lieu of the festivities, here's a list of manual/analog things that are superior to their automatic/digital counterparts:

Sundial - no daylight savings time!
VCR - you can fast-forward through the ads 'n' legal jargon screens!
deodorant - no risk of shock!
vinyl records - wikkity wikkity!!
children - personality!
fruit snacks - real fruity taste!